2 Days

Aimed at: Payroll professionals, HR practitioners, and anyone else that is involved in the configuration or management of a payroll system needing to ensure compliance with the Holidays Act 2003.

  • Limited numbers:  As this course is run as an interactive workshop, no more than 10 participants can attend.
  • Required pre-work commitment: Course participants will be provided with a range of templates and questionnaires prior to the course that must be completed as they will be referred to and worked through during the workshop.  NZPPA PayTech AdviceLine will provide any assistance required in completing the pre-course materials.


The Holidays Act 2003 is an overly complex piece of legislation that is of high risk to businesses and payroll if not configured correctly. Configuration for compliance is not just about the payroll system used, but also includes all associated activities that need to be taken into account when trying to pay employees correctly under the Act.

Please note:  there are unworkable areas of the Act and this course is not stating it can resolve those areas.  The aim is to get all your requirements clearly defined and linking them to the Act as closely as possible.  This may mean you identify issues with your present or future setup that require changes to be made to ensure payroll is more compliant with the Act.  

The workshop will be interactive with each participant going through their own configuration materials while being involved in group activities to explore each topic in depth. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and challenge every part of their configuration to ensure it is robust and as close to being compliant as it can be (if the Act allows).

Workshop contents:

  • Identifying the work environment payroll is functioning in and how that will impact on what is needed for configuration under the Holidays Act.
  • Assessing employment agreements for compliance with the Act, what has been stated or not and how that links or does not link with the Act and what payroll can actually do.
  • Assessment of all payments made to an employee:
    • What type of payment it actually is
    • What period of gross earnings should a payment be included in
    • Which payments are discretionary and which are not
    • What factors need to be considered in creating new payments to an employee
    • Which payments belong to which calculation under the Act, and in what circumstances could this change.
  • Breaking down each calculation under the Act into its base components.
  • Assessing time, how it is stated, recorded, applied to the workplace and payroll.
  • Assessment of the rules for each leave type under the Act and how that affects configuration.
  • How data is collected and can be provided to meet the Act’s record-keeping requirements.
  • How to match the requirements of the Act to manual and automated payroll processes.
  • How to identify non-compliance in a payroll system and actions to take with payroll suppliers to provide compliant software.
  • The MBIE’s audit focus areas are highlighted to ensure you can provide evidence when requested.

Workshop outcomes:

At the end of this workshop learners will have:

  1. assessed the configuration of their payroll to ensure compliance with the Act
  2. identified any issues and changes that may need to be made
  3. an updated and compliant configuration plan to take back to their workplace.

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