NZPPA Payroll Consultancy Services

Payroll Selection, NZPPA can help!

NZPPA will work with your business to identify a payroll package that best suits your needs.

If you are looking for a new payroll system, the NZPPA provides the following services (discounted to members):

  • Act as the business's representative, to ensure your best interests are met.
  • Write the business requirements that can be used to identify the payroll package that will best suit your needs.
  • Manage the tender process or advise what packages should be looked at.
  • Project manage from the business side the implementation of the payroll package to ensure the payroll meets the agreed outcomes that the business wants.
  • Test the new payroll to ensure it meets legislative requirements.
  • Develop documented payroll processes (manual and automated) to minimise risk to the business and to ensure payroll staff run payroll effectively.

Is your payroll doing what it should? NZPPA can audit to ensure you know!

  • How do you know if your existing payroll actually complies with current legislation?
  • You cannot take it for granted that the payroll application is getting it right!

NZPPA are experts in this area. We can conduct a range of audits to suit your needs to discover any problems and what needs to be done.

NZPPA provide the following audits:

  • Payroll (Holidays Act 2003) Audit
    Concentrates on the calculations that are required to be conducted under the Holidays Act 2003.
  • Payroll Compliance Audit
    Analyses all payroll procedures (manual and automated), policy, forms and the payroll application to find out whether they comply with both current legislation and payroll best practice.
  • HR Compliance Audit
    Analyses all HR procedures, policy, forms, etc. to find out whether they comply with current legislation and HR best practice (does not cover payroll).
  • HR and Payroll Compliance Audit
    Includes all three audits described above.

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