Helpful NZ Websites

Here is a selection of websites as an online resource to support you.

NZ Government Index - To find any New Zealand government website start here.

Work Info - Run by the Department of Labour, this gives you a breakdown of the changes across all employment-related legislation on the one website. It provides a great number of links to related websites.

Employment Relations Service - This is the main employment legislation resource of the Department of Labour. It has an excellent collection of information.

If you have a question you can use the answer wizard available on the website. The answer will be emailed to you.

In addition, from the home page you can go to the fact sheets page, where a range of useful fact sheets can be viewed and printed.

Privacy Act 1993 - There is a range of resource material and details on the latest cases concerning the Privacy Act available on the commissioner's website.

Immigration New Zealand - For any immigration employment issue use this website to find the answers.

By clicking on the Forms and Guides link from the home page most of the applicable forms can be accessed.

ACC - For any ACC employer question and information the ACC has a lot of information available for access.

By clicking on the Levies & Cover link there is an Employers option available.

Occupational Safety and Health - This site provides a comprehensive resource centre on OSH related activities in the workplace.

By selecting the publications link you will have access to a number publications and forms that can be used for accident and hazard identification and reporting.

New Zealand Legislation - This website allows you to access all legislation that applies in New Zealand for free.

By clicking on the Statutes link legislation can be selected from an alphabetical index.

Another interesting feature of this website is from the homepage by clicking on the Bills from the knowledge basket link you can have access for all of the bills that are currently in the system to become law (if they pass the stages to be passed).

Human Rights Act - A lot of material (including training material) can be found on this website.  It includes the latest news on human rights issues in New Zealand and any related to employment concerns.