Payroll practitioners manage one of the largest costs a business faces being labour cost. If you select the wrong person to fill this business critical activity, you put your business as risk. A successful payroll professional is one that can multi task, is deadline driven and enjoys the challenges that payroll provides on a daily basis. It is not a role for everyone, so an employer must choose carefully!

Additionally many employers are now wanting to know exactly what is the current level of competence, and knowledge of their existing payroll staff. This can be used to assess potential gaps in current knowledge so training can be targeted or for general professional development.

A further development on professional development is to now be recognised as a payroll professional in the industry. NZPPA provides this through our accreditation process where an NZPPA Member can be assessed and gain the designation of either NZPPA Payroll Professional or Associate.

So the NZPPA Online Payroll Skill Assessment tool can be used for the following three activities to:

  • Assess potential candidates for payroll positions

  • Assess existing staff as part of their professional development

  • Assess NZPPA members that wish to be assessed to become an accredited NZPPA member.

How our online assessment tool works

NZPPA has developed a core set of payroll questions from a centralised question bank on payroll law, practice and process along with additional questions that will identify what skill level the candidate or an existing payroll practitioner is presently based at (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced).

There are three parts to this online tool:

  1. Your personal details (this will only be shared with the assessor and the person/organisation booking the assessment).

  2. A range of generic payroll questions.

  3. 40 payroll legislative questions from a question bank of over 100 payroll related questions.

Once the assessment has been booked all the user will need to do is login to the NZPPA eLearning environment and undertake the assessment (the assessment should take no more than an hour).

Once the assessment has been completed you or your sponsor will be provided with the assessment results (provided as a report) within 24 hours of the assessment being completed.

Rates for the online assessment:

Number of candidates:


1 x Candidate or existing payroll staff member


2 x Candidates or existing payroll team members


3 or more Candidates or existing payroll team members

$500 + $75 for each extra assessment over 2.

For any NZPPA member wanting to become an accredited NZPPA member this process is FREE as long an application form has been completed and approved by NZPPA and you have met all entry requirements (see the Training menu on the NZPPA website).


*All prices above are GST exclusive.

How to book your assessment:

To book your assessment contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We will send you an assessment booking sheet that includes any additional questions you may want to add.

If you have any questions on the NZPPA Online Payroll Skill Assessment please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.