Certification & Accreditation options with NZPPA

NZPPA’s primary aim since it was formed in 2007 is to develop and gain recognition for payroll as a profession in New Zealand.

NZPPA has done this through creating a qualifications framework, training, conference and special events and in the networks it supports.

We have also grown a voice for payroll in the submissions to government on the legislation that impacts on payroll.

To further develop payroll as a profession NZPPA has developed two pathways of recognition of professional standing within the payroll industry for payroll practitioners.

The two options available are:

NZPPA Certification:

This is the annual practising certification for a payroll practitioner. There are 4 levels and allows the payroll practitioner to select and be assessed on the level they work in. If they choose to advance their career in payroll they can progress to a higher level of certification.

For NZPPA Certification this allows the individual payroll practitioner and the employers of them to have a gauge in regard to what their current skill and knowledge level is so they can have confidence that the payroll practitioner has the skills to run payroll so it is compliant and is managed effectively.

NZPPA Accreditation:

This is for the true lovers of payroll that want to give something back through providing their own time and passion in supporting and helping their payroll colleagues. By being involved or in helping manage a payroll event this activity can be acknowledged through two levels of accreditation.

NZPPA Certification and Accreditation are not given away the applicant must undertake assessment or provide evidence to gain this recognition and show they have kept their knowledge current.

To find out more on NZPPA Certification or Accreditation select on the option below:

NZPPA Certification NZPPA Accreditation


Over the last couple of weeks we have been introducing you to the new NZPPA Certification and Accreditation pathways, all for the purpose of gaining recognition and developing payroll as a profession in New Zealand.

For a number of existing NZPPA members that gained the old accreditation status either from a direct application or by completing an NZPPA Certificate the following are the options available in regard to the new Certification and Accreditation processes.

Please note: if you received accreditation through completing a NZPPA Certificate the certificate is a standalone qualification backed by NZPPA and that has not changed:

Options available for existing accredited members:

1. Do nothing and your accreditation will still be recognised by NZPPA but it will only be valid for the year it was issued.

2. Apply for the certification level required and go through the process (for FREE) to get current certification.

3. The new realign accreditation process will require that you have provided proof of how you have helped develop payroll as a profession.

If you have any questions on the above please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.