2016 NZPPA Awards

NZPPA Payroll Team of the Year 2016

The purpose of the NZPPA Awards is for highlighting the exceptional work payroll professionals do for their business and for the payroll industry in general.

At the NZPPA 9th Annual Conference we announced this year’s winner for the NZPPA Payroll Team of the Year 2016.

The winner is: Farmers Payroll Team


NZPPA Payroll Team of the Year 2016

The Farmers Payroll Team provided a range of activities to enhance payroll within their business, from:

  • Repositioning the Payroll Advisory Service: Our challenge was to revitalise the delivery of the payroll advisory service to align with the HR Strategy and future business direction.
  • Consolidate Payroll Processing and Minimise Manual Work: There is nothing more rewarding than achieving efficiencies by eliminating duplicate and manual processes.
  • Implement Employee/Manager Self Service: The team have completed the final stages of the roll out ESS portal and mobile application to our Farmer stores for monthly paid employees.
  • Social Sensitivity: To be a successful team an important quality is social sensitivity. We became more aware of our surroundings and other departments, in a manner where we paid closer attention to what is being said and done.

Well done to the Farmers Payroll Team. As part of the award the Farmers team will receive the Payroll Team Award and $600 to go towards a team function of their choosing.

We would like to thank the other payroll teams that applied and it shows that the payroll industry is constantly developing to meet the needs of businesses they serve. This shows that payroll is part of a growing and dynamic payroll profession.

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