What certification level should I select?

Positions in payroll are not standard, off the shelf or the same from payroll to payroll.  NZPPA Certification takes this into account and understands what you do as a payroll practitioner can be a mixture of various payroll levels.

How we have included this in certification is by ensuring that the level selected includes assessment from the levels below so the applicant is assessed across a range of areas not just at the one defined area.

To aid you in selecting the certification levels that best suits the range of skills and experience you have as a payroll practitioner we have provided a range of payroll job descriptions that are aligned to the NZPPA certification levels.  If you logon to the NZPPA Certification Portal you can assess the range of payroll job descriptions.

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NZPPA Certification Levels linked to Payroll Position:

Certification Type


Certification Level

Certification description

Job description (to see the full job description logon into the certification portal)

Certified Payroll Technician



Can run basic payroll processing steps, under supervision or within their prescribed authority.

  • Payroll Coordinator

Certified Payroll Practitioner



Can run a payroll end to end to an intermediate level under supervision or within their prescribed authority*.

  • Payroll Administrator/Payroll Officer

  • Payroll Administrator/Payroll Officer Sole Charge

Certified Payroll Consultant



Can implement, configure, payroll processes and payroll system criteria and resolve complex payroll issues*.

  • Payroll Consultant (External Processed Payroll)

  • Payroll Consultant (Implementations External)

Certified Payroll Manager



Meets all the requirements set the previous certification levels (CPT, CPP and CPC) and leads and manages staff in a payroll environment.

  • Payroll Supervisor

  • Payroll Manager

*To see any of the full job descriptions logon to the NZPPA Certification Portal.