NZPPA Membership Cost

NZPPA always tries to provide value for money and this is why we have kept the membership cost to the same rate for the last couple of years. To fit the different work environments payroll is conducted in we offer a range of membership types (see below).

Membership cost

GST Exclusive

 Membership Types

Joining Fee
(one-off fee)
Annual Fee
(billed in June each year for the following year
  Individual Membership
(in Member's name)



  Company Membership 
(in Company name)



  Overseas Membership



  Corporate Membership
(covers up to 5 members)




Not-for-profit Membership*



*Not-for-profit Membership - The recipient must be working for an approved not-for-profit organisation in New Zealand.

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Resigning from NZPPA

You will remain a NZPPA member until you formally resign your membership (in writing or by email).

On 1 June each year you will be invoiced for the annual membership fee. Should you resign, the annual membership fee must be paid in full (Pro rata its value from the 1 June for each full month, not part month) 

NZPPA will confirm your application has been received and accepted. On submission of this application you will be emailed a tax invoice.

For Credit Card Payments You will be emailed an invoice when you submit this application.